Why Choose Vinyl Cladding for Your Home

While it is widely considered as the second most used plastic, unlike its counterparts, vinyl has several eco-friendly features. Aside from being an environmentally friendly choice, vinyl also offers a wide range of benefits, which has made it quite popular among homeowners looking for quality exterior cladding products. Here are some of its notable benefits:

Beauty and Versatility

Vinyl cladding is perfect for different types of homes as it comes in an assortment of colours, varieties and textures, allowing you to fully customise your exterior. Additionally, thanks to recent innovations, some vinyl cladding have improved thickness, UV protection and thermal capacity.

Cladding Australia, your trusted cladding specialists, offer quality vinyl cladding from Mitten in a wide range of colours. Whether you prefer a classic and pastel look or a more bold choice, we have the right vinyl cladding for you.

Thermal Insulation

Plenty of vinyl cladding products have been developed to improve its overall insulation feature, helping you and your family save up on energy bills and stay comfortable regardless of the season. Cladding Australia’s InsulPlank II™ vinyl cladding is not only stunning, its Fullback Thermal Support™ also provides great insulation value and helps reduce heat loss by up to 20%.

Low-Maintenance Features

Compared with other exterior materials, vinyl cladding does not require constant maintenance, which is great for families who live busy lives. When you do need to clean it, however, a simple soap solution and water will do. Vinyl also has great colour retention so you won’t have to deal with repainting or re-caulking anytime soon.

Cladding Australia are your local vinyl cladding professionals. We can provide you with quality vinyl products and installation services. Our Mitten vinyl cladding comes with a lifetime warranty for your piece of mind. Planning to replace your home’s exterior soon? Get in touch with our team today.

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