What You’ll Get with Exterior Vinyl Cladding

Among the cladding materials available in the market, vinyl cladding is one of the most reasonable and practical options in terms of economy, durability, and aesthetics. Gone are the days vinyl belong at the bottom among the many cladding choices materials in Australia. If anything, vinyl should be your first consideration if you’re planning to clad your walls or replace old sidings.

If you’re thinking of vinyl cladding for your exterior walls, expect to enjoy these incredible benefits.

  • Years of exterior wall protection

Modern, high-quality vinyl cladding are engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and temperature, winds of at least 110 kph, and impact damage. Its composition also makes it waterproof, moisture resistant, and invulnerable to rotting and corrosion. Installing vinyl cladding is a one-time investment that allows you to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

  • Quick and stress-free installation

As compared to other house cladding materials, vinyl cladding is easier, quicker, and less complicated to install. Most manufactured vinyl cladding come with pre-drilled holes or roll over nail hem so they can be readily set up. You may also opt to install them yourself if you’re confident with following installation manuals and your DIY skills.

  • The wall aesthetic you’re going for

Vinyl cladding come in an extensive assortment of colours, textures, and profiles, giving you the liberty to achieve your design vision for your exterior. Specialised variations also feature a wide range of product quality and standards such as thickness, thermal capacity, UV protection, and lock design for ease of installation.

  • Plenty of time and energy saved not worrying about maintenance

Vinyl cladding does not require constant cleaning and refreshing. When it’s time to do so, soap and garden hose water can do the job. With colour retention and water resistance features, there is no need to paint, caulk, or scrape unsightly stains. You can spend your valuable time and precious energy on more important things.

  • Thermal insulation and climate control

There are plenty of vinyl cladding brands that have developed overall insulation technologies, reinforcing climate control in your home and helping you and your family to stay comfortable regardless of the weather and temperature outside. You may also enjoy the added benefits of improved soundproofing, making your home less afflicted by outside noise.

  • The most of your money’s worth

Vinyl cladding is the most economical among all the cladding options out there. Vinyl is a low-cost material to produce, and its durability, versatility, and ease of use make it a very cost-effective solution, particularly in construction.

According to the RS Mean 2015 Residential Cost Data (retrieved from the Vinyl Siding Institute), vinyl cladding presents the lowest total installed cost in new homes. Factoring in the materials, labour, and paint, vinyl cladding costs approximately 25% less than fibre cement, half the cost of using wood, and 5 times less the cost brick cladding. Consider that on top of vinyl cladding’s long lifespan, low cost of maintenance, and contribution to your home’s energy efficiency, you get a lot of value of your investment.

Bonus benefit

If you purchase products from trusted vinyl cladding suppliers like Cladding Australia, rest assured that you would get excellent quality materials, professional installation, and lifetime transferrable manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you’re recladding or installing for the first time, ensure you get to enjoy vinyl cladding’s many benefits, maximise its performance for a long time, and keep manufacturer warranties with proper installation.

Cladding Australia offers a range of vinyl cladding accessories, installation instructions for DIY, and installation services in NSW. For more information or an obligation free measure and quote, contact us today.

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